I have absolutely loved working with Jan! It has been an amazing road. Were it not for her, I never would have participated in the NATS competition, where I took first place in belt! Jan was also instrumental in helping me make it into BYU's MDT program where I performed the role of Madame Giry in Phantom of the Opera my Senior year (January 2013)

Jan has changed my life for the better in more ways than just singing. She's a kindred spirit who has mentored me in important life lessons. I will be eternally grateful for all of her help.

--Misha Jenkins
MDT Major, BYU

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I have been very fortunate to have Jan Chamberlin as a voice teacher. She is not only a wonderful teacher but also a wonderful person. She has the unique ability to encourage dreams and help you set and accomplish goals that will make those dreams realities. Her love of music is expressed through her high standard of teaching. She is a professional in all ways. In addition to her professionalism is a depth of caring and concern for her students. She has a graceful and welcoming nature. Regardless of where I continue my musical study, the skills I have learned from Jan will be the basis for all my future musical endeavors.

-- Abby Nelson
Accepted to Southern Virginia University on music scholarship
I love singing with Jan Chamberlin. Not only is she an excellent vocalist and teacher, but she has a love of music which runs deeper than the technique, reaches into the soul, and draws out the highest potential of the student.

-- Katharine Chamberlin
BYU student,BYU Women's Chorus
  It's hard to put into words how much I appreciate Jan Chamberlin and all she has taught me. Her kindness and patience with me have been incredible. For years I did not dare sing when anyone might hear me; now I sing with more confidence and enjoy the freedom of singing wherever and whenever I like. I have taken voice lessons from Jan for over four years and I continue to learn and enjoy the blessing and freedom of being able to sing. Thank you Jan!

-- Merlene Shettell
Gymnast,professional instructor
With enthusiasm and skill Jan Chamberlin encourages the growth and talent of each student. Her ingenuity and influence prove to be a meaningful vocal experience.

-- Annie Chamberlin
Actor, dancer, singer
I have enjoyed the classical training I have received from Jan Chamberlin. She has a beautiful, rich classical voice and this learning experience has helped in my own pop/belt techniques. I would recommend Jan as a highly qualified classical voice teacher!

-- Téwa Wride
Professional dance/vocal instructor and performer